Wholesale trade and distribution

The company primarily engages in the trade of chemical and petrochemical products on the international market.
Over two decades of experience in and knowledge of all related processes make our company a reliable partner for the largest international players as well as for small and medium-sized companies working in the local markets.
Our deliveries range from several tons to tens of thousands of tons, from land to sea containers. We view our mission as being a link between production and consumption, between supply and demand, erasing barriers and borders between the countries and regions.
Thanks to the professional teams in all of the regions where we are present, we can quickly react to the needs of our partners, providing all related service "from the door of the manufacturer to the door of the consumer", thereby increasing business performance.

LPG terminal in Manсhuria, China

We invest in international projects

“Avestra Group” together with three state owned companies implementеd the construction project of a terminal of storage and transshipment of LPG (butane, isobutane, propane, LPG etc.), propylene and liquefied natural gas at the border crossing Zabaykalsk – Manzhouli between Russia and China, at the rail road station Manzhouli, of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, The People’s Republic of China. The total terminal output capacity is 3.000.000 tons LPG and propylene per year. The construction phase has been completed and the terminal is to be set in operation in the second quarter of 2018.

This project has strategic importance for enhancing trade and economic relations between Russia and China; it contributes in extending the cooperation between Russian producers of LPG and consumers of these products in the North-Eastern part of China. Also the project opens up new opportunities to increase the turnover between JSC Russian Railways and Chinese Railways

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The logistic division of the Avestra Group is more than the usual transportation company because the range of problems that we solve is much wider.

Avestra transports dangerous liquid chemical products from producers to consumers, many thousand kilometers away from each other, "door to door". Accordingly, our obligation is to do it efficiently and safely.

We carefully plan a route before transporting dangerous cargo, choosing the most appropriate method of delivery and transportation, cargo insurance and continued support.

Avestra not only provides timely cargo delivery at minimum costs, it does so in accordance with all rules and regulations applicable to the transportation of dangerous chemical products, protecting workers and the environment.


When shipping chemical products, Avestra strictly observes all of the necessary European requirements and regulations, including REACH, the new European regulations (No. 1907/2006 of December 18, 2006) effective since June 1, 2007.

REACH mandates a detailed study of the influence of chemicals on human health and on the environment, as well as an increase in safety levels.

Monitoring compliance with necessary regulations, the existing product shipment regulations of various countries, as well as receiving supporting documents is done by the department within the Group, which works with the support of the AVESTRA CHEMICAL SERVICES OY company.

Thus, our clients can be always sure that their goods fully comply with safety criteria and have the proper documentation.

Information technology

A strong IT division provides the Avestra Group with a competitive advantage.

Over the years, the IT division of the company has acquired unique experience implementing the most difficult and boldest projects. We are experts in such areas as e-mail and instant messaging services, IP-telephony, data storage, organization of work of remote offices, the audio and video conferences.

We have the computing capacities in Europe that guarantees high level of service and continuous operation of systems.

We propose complex solutions on IT support for business, placement of services on the cloud platform as well as services of consultation in the field of IT solutions.

Financial and accounting services

The service division of Avestra Group provides an entire range of financial and accounting services to the many companies of the group located in different regions of the world. This accumulated experience is offered to outside organizations as well.

The service division of the company was created to ensure standardization of accounting in the group, preparation of consolidated statements, to support companies of the group in financial and managerial accounting, audits, and to guarantee compliance with the tax legislation of adoptive states of the companies.

Accounting for the company group is done through the business resource planning system SAP R/3. It provides transparency and relevance to internal and external users.