Avestra (Beijing) Chemical Commerce Trading Co., Ltd
Room No. A-016, F4, China CBD Teda TimesCenter N15 Guangha Road
100026 Beijing
Tel. +861085886712


Since 2006, Avestra has been constantly expanding its presence in China and is now one of the largest suppliers of petrochemical products from Russia, Europe, the countries of the Middle East and South East Asia to the Chinese market.
The product portfolio includes more than 20 names of petrochemical and petroleum products.
The Avestra's communications with the largest state and business companies in People's Republic of China are reliable, stable and time tested.
In addition to trade activities, Avestra (Beijing) Chemical Commerce Trading Co., Ltd. is co-investor in the construction of a terminal for LPG and liquid chemical products in Manchuria (a province of Inner Mongolia, the People's Republic of China).
Avestra project participants include two Chinese state companies: "Heilongjiang Anruijia Petrochemical Co.” and "Heilongjiang Harbin Railway Foreign Economic Trading Corporation", which are subsidiaries of PetroChina and the Harbin Railroad.
The goal of this project is to opening market of the People's Republic of China for Russian LPGs and provide stable delivery to the processing plants of the PetroChina company in northeast China.



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