Company info

Professionalism brings forth the trust

We aim to become leaders among the independent companies in the field of trade of chemical and petrochemical products on the international market.
The sphere of our activity includes such important countries and regions from the economic and geopolitical points of view as China, India, Brazil, Turkey, Europe, and also the former CIS countries, the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia.

Transparency, trust and professionalism – the main principles of our work which provide maximum efficiency of joint activities with clients and partners.

Avestra – trade without borders.
By 2008 the company reached a new level of development.
Its geographic market presence and product line grew considerably and there was a rebranding of the company.

Since then, the name "Avestra" has been reflecting the essence of our activities. "Avestra" is a derivative of the words "avis" (bird) and "tra" (trading), emphasizing a lack of borders for company activities.

Corporate management

Transparency the basis for efficiency.
Corporate management in all divisions of the Avestra company is based precisely on this principle.
The company board of directors consists of highly professional managers who focus on long-term strategic solutions.

Corporate and social responsibility

For the Avestra Group, questions of social responsibility are no less important than the introduction of modern business processes.
Concern for partners and employees, respect for the environment and observance of business ethics are indispensable company values.

Avestra is a multinational and multicultural company.
Working in different countries, we consider it our duty to respect all cultures and customs.

Principles and Values

* Our clients are our partners
* Everything that is important to our partners is important to us
* We strive for long-term and mutually beneficial relations
* Mutual trust is important for partner relations
* Reliability and consistency are our principles
* Transparency, flexibility, dynamism and innovation are the inseparable qualities of our work
* Both in business and internal corporate relations, we are guided by all the best world practices achieved.